an essay


Have we over the many years made and sustained a perceptual error (disintegration) that kept us from our ideal potential, our Cosmic birthright. Offering one another and God’s environment incomplete-disintegrative thoughts less the wonder of our divine intention.
        Inviting a curtains opening, a brief overview. Assimilation’s sway. The Universe is timeless accordingly infinite. The earth people currently function through time. (Our 1st earthly machine). We are therefore out of synch with the Universe, our residence. We separate, displace ourselves from our infinite Cosmic predisposition through the causal linear increment of language, mathematics, assigned intelligence, the instructions of death…all derivative of our instruction based on our time manifest. These processes are chosen condition events that validate our evolved  perception that material intrinsic to its own nature disintegrates. Also please consider that  these activity events are congruent of our selective alteration of God’s Creation environment which is reflective of our disintegrating determinate  reality. Measurable time is our effort to give control, give bearing and relevance to this fundamental dematerializing irony that speaks to the one protocol that defines human life…everything that begins ends while ending in opposition to birth essence. These are activities and conditions that are not sympathetic with the infinite Universe. We are out of step with God’s Creation therefore God and ourselves. Very curious do you agree. Is this a necessary adaptation?

The two material worlds are evident, one infinite the other near opposite…can these exclusionary worlds be conceivably joined to the better of our intended selves. A new perception (a new language) not validated as disintegration, but revealed through our resonant communion with God’s environment the planet earth. Not our current inexact dematerializing utility expressed and measured as a word’s gathering incomplete able in consequence and intent.  Offering a new language sounding, a new perception, not the current self designed fractured inconsistency that sustains our separation from the infinite, our origin source…. Our intended expressible Light predisposition. Meaning ourselves and through us the new environment. We are examining a new material formulation, a new expression of self.  A sympathetic sound formulary for each conceivable material condition or material event in the Universe that will bond us to the fluid Cosmos in the essence ideal reflective of a singular sound because more than one would speak to causality, uncertainty and displacement thus denying the all-embracing Light. And that sound is the near ofby God on the planet earth expressible as denied. ( A singular sound expressed  as being harmonic ofby the Light communing). A unique and distinctive sound of silence that you  remember has the same qualities as the infinite Light (the Light being the materiality of infinity)…. (ie) all inclusive, without borders and once engaged by other than the same sound of the infinite Light you are left with a separating… a displacement of the anticipated union with the Light.  (Once again sound of silence like the Light once engaged in an other than sympathetic manner become fractured or defused, yet together in the ideal harmony thrives). Offering form’s mere presence will cause the Light to be separated because the Light is without borders and form has functioning borders. Not entirely accurate because  the relevant sound of silence we can commune form with the infinite Light, indeed we are born Light imbued.  Yes the Light and the sound of silence are conversantly sympathetic. And can affect the desired spontaneous event. Meaning other than a dematerializing event that sustains our practiced belief in disintegration. Which we often experience “view” as shared violence. Our evolved dematerializing affect  functions as process as opposed to presence (ie) ever presence, hence spontaneity which is compatible with infinity. Humans consider near everything disposable including themselves. And God. Temporary as their form awareness is futile and fleeting…. Do you understand to  agree Sandy comprehend less yourself displacement speaks to being in the wrong place of self.

Our Curtis suggested and index might be of value. 
Accordingly let’s begin already begun.
…. Causality or cause and effect (Displacements).
…A straight line or linearity. (“No straight lines in the Universe.”)
…The spherical, the sphere or spheroid. And a resonant spheroid.
…Disintegration or dematerializing.
…infinity the infinite Eternal.
…The Universe the Cosmos. Our resident neighborhood.
…Spin-span and as excitedly suggested by another aesthetic  Jim Pelz spun.
…death or life.
…Harmony, resonance, non-displacement.
…Form, material, materiality.
…Irony, invalidation, selective disintegration
…Light, luminosity, glow.
…time, timelessness.
…random, probability, a certitude of probability
…displacement, dissolution, disintegration, dematerializing, death.
…resonance, sympathetic, resonant time displacement.
…displacement the wrong place.
…The Cosmic God and the earthly adaptation.

* Possibly you will like to offer additional defining perspectives to the index in anticipation or after reading. The same the texts otherwise futility defines. Irony prevails. W are limited to progress.

For me to visiot the seed definitions of these terms to you begins to deny-displace the garden of your person. Your Godsoulprint. If “I” may suggest and you are inclined a dictionary can be a mysterious place to wander amidst the wondrous language designed limits of self. As we approach the new language of self. Consequently the innovative spheroid self. Spherical awareness verses linear irony.                                                               

Further we displace ourselves from the Planet Earth through the preferred country. And the preferential Temple. Thus we exclude our Cosmic selves from the Galaxies. Ours origin birth. Denying  the God conversant…. Possibly clarity is best offered through observation and inference. Logically congruent…. In a world where everything is Cosmically self sustaining why do humans spend their lives as repetition and duplication which is or can be futile, always incomplete and disintegrating. A constant irony of repeated prayers, rethinking, reinventing, researching, relocating, remarrying, re defining and killing to die. If the Universe is one lo9catifon where are you going? The whisper being…if the Universe is one location how can you relocate? The prayer answers…if your Universe is one location realized as form to where can you relocate but to self as self the Light divine…. To some extent form dictates this casually displacing repetition …we “never get it right permanently” and ironic repetition confirms our need for casual time and measurement and validates disintegration as the prevailing perspective as well “our” consequential response…alteration…. What might happen if we experience our life events through a resonant time perspective…? As a spontaneity which is reflective of the Cosmos rather than our current displacing material reality realized as conflict and confirmed through eventual decay. Our lives as such anticipating, God consequently esteemed. And experienced. There is the Cosmic God and our displaced variation. Our worship separates-diminishes us from God reciprocally (conversantly)  because we displace-devalue ourselves thus Creation in order to acknowledge God. Unrelenting violence thrives. “I” ask that prayers hear. How is it possible to win a war?

* Let’s please begin the unfolding insight with a few preliminary observations. Understanding if by understanding we must that the unfolding dynamic is applicable to the near all linear material experiences on this planet in terms of assimilation to a non-linear ideal…the Cosmos. Our approaching  neighborhood.  

The Universe is a spontaneous non-localized manifestations of itself. Non-localized. Meaning the Universe is one location. The linear question persists, being that the Universe is pone location how can we relocate. And of course the answer is that we do so through linear casual displacement of the Universe is part or in it’s perceptual; entirety…an ironic process validated as disintegration, ordered (measurable) through time… evident and verified as  disintegrating through selective alteration. But the Universe is infinite as such intolerant of both time and disintegration as being counter to it’s own nature. The activity condition (selective disintegration) through which time is “experienced and material is linearly altered” is also not sympathetic to the infinite Universe… that cannot be an issuance of process, but rather is an issuance of presence or ever presence as such simultaneous spontaneity  not the linear increment of displacing causality. (Light having speed is a linear concept relevant to form {ie} not spontaneous).

Once again in more substance non-linearly is no-directional. Meaning that the spontaneous nature of the Universe is an activity condition that is not consequent to the linear process suggested by departure-destination,  beginning-ending,  cure verses process. Such incremental directional flow (validated through casual options) would fracture the infinite Universe and render the Cosmos other than infinite. Noting only one such event would in a spontaneous Universe invalidate infinity.  (If you will allow a brief interruption this also do you sense offer interesting insights relevant to gravity).  Clearly there is an evolution in the Universe, but this is not an issue of process experienced through alteration which is reflective of disi9ntegration, but rather refinement. The Universe does not displace-separate into space, but refine as space. The growth is profound and without limit not secured through dematerializing but the beauty of endlessness. The Universe expands and contract simultaneously. God breathes.

The question of this paper becomes more clear given the aforementioned insights. Accepting that the Universe is not disintegrating (therefore definitively any part thereof) is not casually linear and relevant as altered (why) is earth science perusing a cancer “cure” that is localized, casual to the human body involving a non localized extraneous treatment process. We are discussing a linearly contrived dynamic that is consequential to an inconsistent cure that is evidenced through time and validated as and during death or disintegration. Very curious.  When we asses the various protocols involved including the determined healers and researchers we have a contrived linearity. A linear maze that is only viable through functional limitation. And intrinsic to failure.

This perspective offers not cancer as a “disease,” but rather  what is cancer in its  non-linear sense or presence. Acknowledging that the casual dichotomy of disease verses cure also fragments the  nature of the infinitely continuous Universe.  Therefore cancer is not a disease related to its cure (successful or failed this activity process remains casual displacement) but rather cancer perhaps is a non-localized “information source” that can improve life or lead to the presumed status of death.  The issue being developed Young is that cancer can only be engaged within its own  uninterruptible nature, not in relation to the human host and not in relation to healing effects radiation or other lionearily displacing interventions which as linear process are diametrically counter to the Universe intent. The cancer is not an earth event. (We emerged and are resident of inby the Cosmos not the reverse therefore the rules of the Cosmos predominate). The cancer cannot be engaged casually, not linearly therefore the presumption of a cancer cannot be an issue of “alterable-selective ” disintegration.   The suggestion is that the alleged cancer must be engaged withion and through its own nature. Which as we suggested speaks to non-directionality meaning the opposite of initiation-conclusion, departure-destination, life-death, past-present, life-after life). A frustrated directionality on this planet which are multi-directional. One example the vertical-horizontal motivation of corporate-government institutional structures which within their own nature influence consequence. It can be suggested that for better or worse a single human represents a  directional irony. Everything on this planet is relevant and revealing as it is ironic to it’s potential given the elemental devotion to disintegration. Consequently life can only be validated not through death but as death. In this instance we are examining  both life forms the human and the cancer as being other than casually dematerializing.

Given these requisites conditions the cancer can only be engaged as a resonant spontaneity that excludes neither life form or related environment. Currently there are only two activities that humans can consciously engage that are spontaneous in nature, non-linear and a casual (until expressed after assimilation) and these are memory and resonant sound suggested to some extent by music. Neither music nor memory have to be altered in order to be assimilated accordingly approach spontaneity and non-causality. (Noting that the presumed sound of silence and the condition we know as “Light” are the only activity events that are sympathetic with infinity which like the Light and “silence” is all-inclusive and un bordered (ie) accordingly infinite. Also Light and silence like infinity once engaged in an other than sympathetic or resonant manner become fractured, displaced or otherwise invalidated. These insights afford several points relevant to cancer. The cancer must be sympathetically engaged in a manner congruent with its own nature and that of the human host. Harm to neither validates both. Kindness to either should be kindness to both. The cancer and the human can be engaged as such through resonant sound. All motion has sound relevant to that motion including the motion of disintegration or death. (And a sound motion can be realized to satisfy-resolve a condition event that might be ironic in nature like cancer , AIDS , MS, TB etcetera, but we should not assume Young  that the resuilt will be desirous to intent. If the union between the human and the cancer is disruptive (indicated as a motion sound) this inconsistent motion sound can be harmoniously resolved in order to maintain the ideal nature of the human being (which as just suggested can include the presumption of death).There is a sound element in the presumed cancer that speaks to the potentiality of death between and in both the cancer and the human. Similarly there is healing element intrinsic to the cancer human relationship that is not external to this bond. (Casual separation in the near immediate becomes disintegrative.) It might be helpful given the subtlety  to consider the concept of a spherical of spontaneous  pulse…the pulse of the sound. (A singular relevant vibration). Remember when we’ve witnessed a material resonance that is no longer within the spectrum of the our designed space time non-continuum we have entered into something that is beyond both our direct influence and witness…suggestive of the quantum riddle. Is it not reassuring  that all is not exclusively relevant to our desire or intent. Man-woman cannot know all and remain man-woman. Form is functional to limitation as form. We will remain casually ironic the question is one of degree and intent. The current humans attempt to influence the infinite Light functionally displaces the Light. Indeed there is an understanding in physics that we cannot simultaneously experience Light emitting from two objects, o0ne presumably being ourselves. (Perception is displacement as such we are not looking at what we see). An irony that is potentially resolved through non-linear sound. Note again please the work done by the nice Asian biologist at MIT in 1987. This gentle man took the DNA code of a fish; a leaf imposed them over a standard musical scale resulting in melodies relevant to each. The same protocol was pursued with cancer. The melody eventually played backwards. The result amazingly Mozart’s Funeral Requiem. Appreciating this effort  represented presumably a singularity of effect.

Also of interest withi9n the aforementioned dynamic is that the melody was played backwards in order to identify a distinguishable potentially relevant  melody. Inferring a resolution of tense {ie} time suggested by the related motion of spin and span whereby the motion span resolves the material of a past event to the current. You might like to check the dictionary Young.  This directional inclination also brings us to the condition of memory. Meaning… the disintegrative nature of the presumed cancer can be identified prior to its becoming harmful and accordingly influenced. ( Under certain conditions memory is spontaneous in nature and as such timeless ie Light functional. All is material except time. Memories are material as such have sound because all in the Universe is an issuance of motion {ie} no greater motion than the presumption of stillness). Each cancer has it’s own memory.

The entire potentiality of any material, a tree, a human, a cancer, and a lake can be assumed and anticipated within its own design nature. This evolving materiality has a distinct sound relevant to the suggested motion. Any intervention good or bad has to be within the range of the design materiality (ie) a tree is not  concerned with  the flu. The memory range is limited and sympathetic to the materiality. And this range can be identified through the inherent material design of any life form meaning of course its DNA including all possible variance like cancer. Thi9s in part is evidenced by the “fact” that an individual’s predisposition “memory” for all conditions is indicated in the DNA. The origin source of a cancer can be traced to an individual DNA as well as all variant possibilities that include a return to normalcy. Meaning the cancer and the human become sympathetic with each other as a single memory.

Understanding that all activity in the Cosmos is non-linear therefore spherical “simultaneous spontaneity” meaning that the cancer has relevance beyond its own immediacy that is validating perhaps profoundly. Not disintegrating as such within its memory range infinitely continuous  as refining. This activity can be assumed but is not knowable in a perceptual linear world. Meaning the cancer like all in the Universe is beneficent to all in the Universe as a reciprocal condition. This is in part suggested when bacteria and viruses relevant to their own “intended” materiality develop defenses “immunities” against invasive unsympathetic intervention. Identifying the nature these immunities would be very interesting. Appreciating that all our perceptions, observations are incomplete (the basis of progress is invalidation) {ie} immunities are not immunities. Most particularly when engaged as such. Considering that the ideal immunity is death. A death activity condition beyond the interest of the pathologist. A presumption of death that does not involve dying. Acknowledging that an infinite Universe cannot  exclusively  tolerate death as functional and irrelevant disintegration and remain infinite and accordingly sympathetically  continuous.

Let’s ask a few additional questions, offer a few observations and pleasantly infer a new perception not based on breaking apart and the requisite linear alteration of God’s  planet. Let’s please not be concerned with rules of science, perception or explanation. Rules are detours. The true ideal of a definition is that we rely on it once. Let’s wonder be in awe and appreciate that we cannot be wrong if we are sincere. And we will otherwise be casually unimposing. Let’s begin already begun. Appreciating that the Universe cannot intrinsically-permanently accept the separatist casual duality of cure and disease (any opposing duality including life verses death)… our dual opposing adaptation is confirmed and validated through inconsistent, potentially damaging methodology such as cures that tolerate ironic exclusion and a devalued death as a potential outcome. What a curious mythology emerges. The question begs a gentler answer… why again do life forms condone-experience cancer as a disease? And tolerate abusive cancer treatments. (Very curious do you agree?) Consequently suffering unnecessarily in a Universe that in its essential rejects distress as indicative of disintegration because in the Cosmic resolve anguish speaks to dematerializing as denying of the infinite and determinant of death as non-resonant end point. The Universe is Eternally harmonious, but through our erroneous choices  perception is stilted and results become erratic. And distressing. The Cosmos from which each human is birthed is not ironically-intrinsically conflicted. If God plays dice “I’m” quite  certain God doesn’t lose. God could only lose to God’s creation). Each human is linearly unique, potentially Cosmically sympathetic…  one basic reason our bodies are linearly unique… our bodies occupy a singularly distinct-separating space that cannot be occupied by anyone or anything else without the disruption or negation of that space. And that space is “our” body through out the bordered duration allowed the determinate body space. An interesting question unfolds what happens to your body space when your body loses its casual form (its occupant dimensional space)…. Can we return to the issue of alleged cancer, understanding once again that that the near of everything the human perceives is not the essence of what is being witnessed. Our linear nature relevant as body form renders this irony inevitable more so once our casually linear instruction based on disintegration or material dissolution becomes the singular intrinsic material reality. So fundamental is this ironic adaptation that the human body and related potential becomes easily devalued and must be relinquished to decay (form irrelevance) in order to attain our inherent Light predisposition. This is tragic and curious in the extreme. (Partially because the human evolved a capacity for image interpretation, perception and rudimentary tool making before an evolved language spoken and written). Yet even through the designed inconsistency of language, a parallel to our own evolution, we still witness what we deny. Disintegration denies, alteration confirms and linear causality insists. This profound irony  explains our lives therefore our God fraternity…. We become a metaphor to our own abstained potential. Cancer the same. You are familiar with the current cancer treatments…. casually anguished disintegrative i9n nature even when successful that can take years to effect involving the entire body as anguish determines. (Others involved are also strained and devalued). Consider identifying the cancer as a unique sound that can be accommodated by one material sound and no other. (A sound that is much more profound, Cosmically attuned, than our genetic structure; a sound that involves all senses and others some unknowable spontaneously)…. Resolving the disparaging cancer event into a harmonious- reciprocally nurturing occurrence. Effecting within and through their own nature a spontaneously relevant sound interchange that is not ironically casual in nature therefore not inconsistent or otherwise displacing or destabilizing … we’ve observed there can be no ironic separation or instability between the human and resident cancer in the Cosmos. Both the human and the cancer obviously are compatible, not adversarial this reality abides the rules of the Universe. (We die in time not in space (ie) the disintegration of a  material entity through displaced time). Not to suggest that all “treatments” will be absolute in result. The human form is imperfect and subject to self-oriented or interpersonal and institutional errors to whatever this is organically inevitable this reality is both perpetuated through instruction that validates the breaking apart as intrinsic to our acquired material existence including our own and each others bodies, our perceptual capacity and our exclusionary- fractured relationship with God. A desperate union often secured through pain that through choice and death valuation gives the greater relevance to the human than to God. Further this defining irony counter to our birth and death status is based on an education that thwarts the self-evolving Cosmically intuitive seed of all life form. Our bodies singular-collectively are material resident in the all inclusive Universe, a Cosmic abiding… unless deferred the functional purpose of which we have no awareness except by the miracle precognitions and our aspirant spherical awe. Don’t you truly sense there is more…? Surrendering our fundamental self fragments awareness perpetuating dualities linear opposition dissolution. Death strangely becomes  an accommodation  this argument demands a survival that defuses both faith in the Creator and our own validity necessitating our need for controls that are inconsistent, unequal and eventually relevant as dismissed. Are you not aware that life on this planet is amiss? The question is asked your answer is relevant. Essentially so Eternally so…. Remember as we realize the reversal of the quantum riddle (noting the quantum riddle is a reciprocal or spherical affectation), currently we can be valuated ofby the Light, but our attempt to control-influence the Light is futile. Also we are discussing a profound shift in experience and understanding…a death that no longer involves dieing. We are offering to sustain an other materializing nurturing new reality not a conflicted one inevitable as demateriali9zied. (We are discussing an intervening experience that is not harmful to the human including such effects as cancer, acknowledging that the presumed cancer speaks of God’s work and influence as well). Therefore the irony is no.1. That the alleged human, alleged in the sense that limitation and eventual form irrelevance or death defines accepted planetary purpose-options… the human through  accommodations  such as disease while “ alive” are  ironically involved. And unnecessarily devalued. This effected materiality, a disintegrative distortio0n of the light intended material, is not only a displacement (self alteration) as experienced, but is further debilitating as an anticipated  “fear” throughout a life duration. no.2.  Presently the disrupted life like the presumed cancer is treated in a localized exclusionary manner rather than as a revealing nurturing that is responsive-Cosmically in tuned to our environment Cosmos. The cancer is information valuable, through substantial inference prior, during or after the visitation. There is linear erratic knowledge and the spherical awe. Understand when a persons life and their environment can be examined through an a casual subjective certitude rather than a delayed uncertainty response knowledge becomes much more compelling…similarly a multiplicity affects that are presently dismissed without value or linearly oblique to our developed limitations become viable. And this information flow is interactive linarily also reciprocally and in the near of spontaneously. Suggestive of faith healing, the flow of miracle, meditation, intuition, luck, placebo response and the precognitions. Indeed potentially your life linearly, Eternally. You need not be unhappy to survive. Dangerous to prevail. You need not die abstained from life to prove you were alive. You are the love consequent awareness ofbyin God. Which at a minimum  do you agree Young Ding means  humans did not create the Universe. All is good in the  God intentional Universe unless otherwise engaged. Not just for the one who is host to the cancer, but those who share the same family or employment condition…most activities the human is not aware No.3. The cancer becomes a metaphor for life evolving as and to more…. The cancer intriguingly has a reciprocal God substantive purpose taking from us what is of value to the revealing “disease” sphere…congruently and spontaneously to the Universe. Reminding the Universe does not expand into an other than God purposeful-undetermined space but refines as space. Beyond our temporary agreements and current perceptions. Is not the ideal worth of a definition to sustain the linear definition once or twice, not a sustained meaning that might eventually develop into a building block of collective knowledge…temporary, ironic, incomplete and expressible as disintegrative alteration? Noting that God bacterial-viral life forms develop defenses against our invasive treatments eventually rendering “disease” mistreatments futile. A losing lost dichotomy. Humans similarly develop new variations of the same disease “themselves” which is a reflective of their disintegrative adaptive separation from their home the uninterrupted fundamentally disease free Cosmos.  A human without solutions is lost without identity as such problems become intrinsically defining of the human experience. A human unable to cure him-herself yields to futility as such a human without disease is without remedy to self. Aspiration becomes futility eventually as hopes opposition…one of the many unneccarily7 dreaded thriving faces of death disintegration.

Worship confesses inadequacy. What the question begs would we pray for without problems, disease and fear’s uncertainty. Is not the answer ourselves, the miracle of ourselves hence what prayer that does not embrace thank you. And yes thank you again please to the “inspired” Rabbi who offered the inferred spontaneity, “Prayers aren’t answered they are the answer.” To suggest otherwise is to advise a separation between God and ourselves…. Do you agree? Linear prayer verses spherical….What prayer that does not include all that does not displace the prayer as yourself?

Once again allowing the Light why is everyone taking the same aspirin when the aspirin can be made sound intimate to the individual. (One aspirin [a unique sound event] would not work for two). Further why is the headaches information, its instruction whose value might involve several life forms or conditions, being chemically defused?  Please again the cancer, the headache…the component sound becomes a compelling and articulated issue not a vagrant and dangerous sustained disease (ie) providing distinctive information.  Which through revealing-acquiring DNAsound can provide much more reliable research insights that can avail an assimilated cure or resolution…. More correctly not a cure but “a communion or empathy.”  (We can assume the headache began its formulation before it became part of your space duration. And your anticipation and belief are part of “the head aches” materiality. In the same way a nuclear biological weapons war is already manifest. And the fact that this spherical event has not occurred is not a success)…. Let’s continue. There is a relevance to the cancer event that is not necessarily disadvantageous. (Consider that cancer in a laboratory petri dish is referred to as “immortality in culture”). It should be assumed as mentioned before that most current activity events viral and otherwise are simply not as experienced, not as Cosmically intended because of our investment in instability, opposing duality and disintegration specifically in this context death… before, during and after the demise. Noting in a non-casual world all is relevantly sympathetically or unsympathetically interactive not localized to one body space yet all choices and result before share enemates from the individual. The abiding determination has evolved we suffer ourselves unto a disintegrative death and given our investment in alteration we feel it is “natural” to force the same upon others. Holding up the controlling-affecting of death as an example of maturity. Indeed the degree to which an individual can decide the death disposition of others often determines their status in the social order. Very curious.  Further relevant to our repressed ideal since to some extent we are dealing with a spontaneous reference3 that infers timelessness  (not linearly progressive) the cancer and the headache, any organic problem is much easier to identify before it becomes problematic and once resolved to maintain the norm while applying to person, lifestyle and environment any beneficial information developed from the organic or viral-bacterial anomaly…. A unique self-contained evolving sound sphere or spheroid can be created of the individual human. You step into a DNAs coded spheroid any irregularity is indicated immediately as an unambiguous sound that can be referenced to a catalogue of sounds translated into any linear imagery since an all-inclusive sphere would include all relevant expression. In a sense luck, intuition, meditation, answered prayer are refining  spheres until these activity events are self subjected to the feverish irony or ourselves. Which most often is immediate (ie) such irony is time referencing the spontaneous event, subjecting the experience to language dissolution or to the vagrancy of disbelief or the need to belief what has already happened. Belief or disbelief are linear process as expression or displacing that becomes an organic reality substantiated through instruction.

Another perspective we approach the Light, the Light approaching us. Why is everyone playing the same harmonica? We are all genetically predisposed (ie) male, female, near sighted, musician or pilot. But these predispositions are realized in a random, inconsistent world, secured through alterable disintegration and the sameness process of alteration. (Method determines result). Earth researchers offer “use” between 1% and 5% of their “assigned” linear intelligence and are as suggested in other ways rendered ineffectual. Not surprisingly that this fundamental irony predominates in a world where life  (God’s Creation) is defined and experienced through  encouraged disintegration, altering what God created to a  prejudiced human  “non-ideal” that is defined and legitimized through absence or death…. Again please why is everyone playing the same flute, using the same computer, driving the same car, eating the same meal, looking in the same mirror…?  Which presently is a casually exclusionary event, you play the harmonica designed and influenced by others who are most often responding to concepts and instruction that is not their own. Also intriguingly the harmonica is not responding to you independently of your own effort. During a spherical event the irony of displaced causality is resolved all is participant…nothing is simply acted upon. Also the audience as per linear agreement listens [2-3 fragmented-distracted senses] the audiences is wonderfully involved but does not influence the music activity event… If we can identify “yiour” Unsound or DNAsound of silence (initially effect by a nice Asian ie biologist at MIT), next identify the component DNA sound evident as linear genetic code that speaks to Sandy playing the harmonica then through reverse engineering we can design the unique harmonica that can create those sounds. Allowing of course also for interpretive-creative variations. (A brief interruption accepting that memories are material as such an issue of motion sound cannot memories be given an interactive holographic representation suggesting a form of time travel beyond our current memory collectives like video, books, museums).  Again we are discussing a basic “sound” sympathetic to any other otherwise casual separation would result and the Cosmic spontaneous union with the infinite Cosmos would not result. But once the basic DNAsound is separated to component sounds suggested by our greatly varied genetics the variance begins, but the important question does this departure have to separate us from our Cosmic bond or reinforce our derivative separation… Inferring: The two aforementioned processes can be used to anticipate the potential or probability of a desired or undesired event and the conditions that might favorably anticipate and or improve either perspective. One example…issues known and unknown that might affect an airplane flight. Remember presently our information is revealing as displaced, inexact and subject to flawed interpretation through language based on linear instruction in a spherical world which we have to deny-frustrate-fragment to express and value. Our existence is based on a certitude of probability based on inconsistency and other variable activities that sometimes are not always identifiable during a specific life event. Another perspective examining the genetic indication for blindness, any disability or disease and influence accordingly before or after the “limiting“ experience becomes evident. Not only in a singular person, but projected potentially through generations and other presently unknown and likely unknowable parameters. Like cancer or a head ache blindness becomes an informative and accommodating guide to our determinate evolutionary vision, our immediate vision as a species, our potential spherical vision and also our capacity not to be able “to see“ under certain conditions (one such condition presumably death)…presently linear eyesight. Understanding we are discussing various conditions we avoid-dismiss as impairment or disease that in actuality can provide-guide us with a more compelling realization of the human. And God’s Creation environment terrestrial and extra terrestrial. We continue perspective becomes perception-application impending awaiting us…. An airport facility could be immersed with a DNAsound that is unsympathetic or excludes all sounds relevant to weaponry and explosives. Imagine your favorite melody suddenly interrupted by an unrelated sound or melody. This same concept applies to a missile system spiritually for any and all countries except the weapon systems within each country representing the humans evolving investment in self dissolution, though a similar system could be installed to aide in preventing an accident nuclear or biological war which presently is the most likely scenario for this spasm extinction. (The sixth such extinction on this planet the first attributable to one species similarly avoidable through blissful choice, the first impending extinction redeemed to God…. As such the humans becoming transcendent). Noting the only abiding defense system is one that protects-guides the individual us from our own contempt of God. Understanding if through linear understanding we must… we are discussing a sound presence that is unlike anything we have experienced (ie) a sound presence event that involves all senses, that is not casually limited to the linear, but rather Cosmically attuned and further a-sound-presence-event that is interpreted and developed by an intuitive human and an encircling computer com “a spherical computerP” (another essay)…a computer condition that does not function through linear increment efficient displacement based on certitude secured through vagrant probability.  Indeed presumably the airport facility could also be DNAs coded to identify ill intent, though this might appear intrusive this would involve the consent of the public and is several dramatic steps beyond “profiling” which is prejudicial as displacing and relevant as inexact. Understanding that any harmonic union of sound involving humans would necessitate sympathetic conscious consent or the idealized union could not occur because inconsistency or displacement would factor….

Let’s writing down a few singular sentences, a reprieve or sorts, an intermission. Do you agree words in their gathered mass can be exhausting. Particularly when the effort is to resolve the linear to the spherical through a linear inconsistency validated through the limits of language design and an assigned intelligence that is not supposed to vary within its own determined limits. This of course is silly do you agree. Who you are is who you are. Because someone convinces you what stands before you is not a tree does not mean that you cannot climb politely to the top. The same ourselves.

*Only in time is everything separate while separating.
*The quantum riddle is all pervasive?                                   
* We are separate but not apart.
*Any idea is a divine idea if divinely expressed-experienced.
*Light can be “slowed” when transferred through a substances like water.
* The space-time continuum more “like” the space time non- continuum.
*The Universe is one location.
*Our world around us is not disintegrating because we agreed it is and the process is profitable to us through unsympathetic disintegration.
*There is no death unless you prefer. And behave accordingly.
*Self investment in casual disintegration valuates your life through randomness, dematerializing, irony, inconsistency and sustained shared-self displacement. Cumulative non-utility…our self and environmental disposable summation.                  

Let’s continue yearning-smiling examining several approaching Spheroids that might become relevant inby the application of our lives. Remembering to distinguish as there is the darkness there is the Light. A Light imbued Spheroid is a spiritual experience. Meaning of course a non linear non preferential desired realization of God, an actualized expression of your Godsoulprint. What does spiritual mean. The holiest words “I” know are (I) don’t know God knows. (And thus I strive to know you). Spiritual one perspective might allow, the ideal light reflection of yourself as self? Karma is God’s sound-motion disguised as ourselves, unnecessarily. A spherical self-sustaining model relevant to psychiatry. A Sphere….(This would be the nature of other non-linear accommodations that would not be displacing of our Cosmic Residence, but reflective and sympathetic. A new formulation language of self beyond essential inconsistency). Currently this field is elemental to disease linarily adapted. The illness or malady is not localized-the entire person is experienced as diseased. A concept that is institutionally, chemically and culturally sublimated and reinforced. So intrinsic is the incongruous dedication to disease that the motivating premise could be reasonably be interpreted as, “you can get better if you stay sick.” A disease is defined as “an invasive and putrefying process.” An inhibiting rational of treatment is carried throughout the reciprocally compromised duration of a person’s life. Involving all the displacing-conflicted vagrancies that certify as essential the flawed irony of self to a futile extreme. Language, the interpersonal inconsistency, the institutional entrapment, chemical intervention, familial irony and motive not always conscious …realized against all the unfathomable variables that result from an effort  “developed” over decades. Insanity is divergent experience that is relevant in its contrast to the norm. It’s resolution as contrast…. Meaning for insanity to be ideally resolved denies-distorts the norm (ie) in the absence of insanity does sanity become ev3en more ironic…therefore self effacing and unproductive.  This science strains the limits of linear neglect. Hope and contempt become the near of interchangeable, yet this experience also testifies to the patience, the kindness and enduring persistence of human beings. Often love knows more disguises than love’s purpose.

Imagine  if all these inconsistent protocols, varied self defeating parameters, conscious and unconscious determinations were not fragmented over thirty years, through the foible of memory, family and the debilitating indulgences of disease; but rather all these elements could be assigned… a designed evolving multiple coefficient DNAs that are spherically nurtured and developed against a norm actualized through an evolving wealth of relevant and revealing factors unique to the individual (one of which identifies the DNAs of the individual as perspective presence without disease)… all these non-linearly developing  factors in their final formulary become a non- displacing DNAs language totally unique to it’s source input. A non-verbal language format that is exclusive to that which defines the individual as a functioning protocol. Both in substance and process. A language whose verbally reflective non-linear design is more spontaneous in its effect than one of long term causation based on the sincere improbability of disease model that is relevant as failure sustained through designed limitation. A language-communication experience whose evolving-consistent-un conflicted totality would be affected in the immediate. And be further influenced by the evolving immediacy of self.  A non-linear language, once designed as intact DNAs, would automatically translate current communication to its idealized formulation…a shared personalized artificial intelligence whose nature as DNA realized as sound would not be mechanized but more within the formulary or an organic cloning of information. Appreciating that all material in he Universe is life unless ironically altered by the human. A new language whose evolving structure would be based on the detailed consistent- inconsistent history (past-current-anticipated) as provided by varied sources and methods…. A spherical matrix sustained as designed while cultivating and responding to the immediate human experience. Appreciating that the suggested DNAs language like all material could be converted into different formats to facilitate understanding by family, the patient or the staff. (Each bringing a different perspective to this evolving experience). A panorama of sound converted into imagery is one example…. This spherical model would be so consistent that once engaged and responsively sustaining it would create its own harmonic junctures beyond the anticipation of the humans involved. (Suggested previously, as the reversal of the Quantum Riddle, but this element would also occur within the linear manifest). Reminding we are discussing a material representation more relevant and expressive of the human than their genetic code. Noting a baby is born without language, choice, free of institutional-interpersonal dilemma (yet still seemingly aware and responsive to imagery-stimulus) …this variance can particularly relevant to the troubled human as a refining reference juncture or axis. This entire formulation becomes not an ambiguous esthetic intellectual niche sustained within the limits of language and memory over years, but an exacting active self perpetuating “entity”…a contained design that is not dependant on inconsistent ironic casuality (ie) thinking to sustain its non-linear integrity.  The design formula in question would likely be sustained as a “non-linear computer.” (Another essay) Understanding we are in the   functional midst of inferred timelessness, minimizing casual inter active fragmentation beyond perception but not beyond valuation. The past becomes less displaced more consistently referable and can be tested against the current self (ie troubled individual) to create viable perspective in terms of understanding the past and giving credence and viability to “future plans.” This parameter or protocol need not be limited to one linear option. Further this parameter can be developed and accordingly assessed when “significant other” individuals are introduced into the dynamic. The spherical entity can be correlated and measured with or against the conscious impressions of doctor and patient. We are discussing the organic assimilation of various organic “acquiring memories” that function “irrespective of time and space.” This  formulation might appear cumbersome, but understand please its potential would be experienced-assessed through a new  language design. Noting that this reference Sphere occurs however repressed as memory, dream, myth, collective consciousness, archetype, genetic memory. Also non- linear prayer, laughter, sleep, luck, coincidence, precognition, miracle, your birth-death. Though the realization is linear, expressed casually within the schematic of time. Not reciprocal conversantly spherical. Sequentially not spontaneously…. The Creation presence of this planet. Note the extended the definitions of spin and span. SPIN….“To whirl, rotate rapidly, twisting bit by bit. To fabricate….To create or derive from something already existent.” (If I may suggest read these two definitions again and imagine your birth evolving prior to conception). SPAN…. “The full extent or reach of something. A short period of time. Extend reach across the distance or space between two supports.” Span is also the past tense of spin. Meaning a past event can be materially resolved without displacement to the immediate material condition. Example….  departure relevant to approaching destinatio0n. And we have yet to of factor our friend Jim’s inspired reference (ie) spun.

Can you sense the resonant transmogrify enfolding between two event locations, otherwise separated by distance and our own linear inclinations. Mass- density constricting-resolving until its non-linear curvature becomes infinite (ie) timeless, not measurable, not casual, not factored by distance and the other linear anomalies, not explainable by our current language adaptation….Will you also pause to in vision the evolving presumption of your death through these revealing-relevant motions which cross many linear bridges creating the inference of a refining sphere. Meaning a realization of ones spirit or Godsoulprint if you will. Perceive “slowly” a Sphere, resolving all irony and inconsistency conscious-unconscious shared unresolved or otherwise as in the sphere relevant to insanity…but this Sphere speaks to your spirituality. Your spirit Godsoulprint. A spiritual occurrence  when tempered through language or the best of casually linear intentions becomes ironic or potentially ironic to intent and as such distracting. Otherwise fleeting. In the ideal a conscious partiality of self. Possibly this limitation on spirit is too severe for several reasons. Spirit is a light manifest accordingly boundless accordingly placing linear limitations on an essentially infinite event is likely incorrect and at best limiting. Further a spiritual light event can be limited or thwarted by humans, we spend our lives accordingly, also such a condition event speaks to an infinite of possibilities…placing human limitations that which is beyond word and perception  is folly. God is God the light is the light were hitch hiking. 

Friend, as the nice Bill Cosby’s nice and gentle son used to say, your kind disposition consider please another perception-perspective, Spheroid Yoga, body and soul become one not less ourselves. Motion silent. Meditation motion unfolds…. Presently Yoga is a wonder of self-motion, marginally casual, a minimum of casually pre-designed motion beautifully and sequentially interrupted. Spheroid Yoga is an event activity like personalized meditation that evolves during the effect of encouraged-conditioned silence…is progressive but not perceptually sequential. Consider Kara Spherical Yoga…a harmony of all not less itself. A Yoga whereby each convolution of body is not complete as itself (is not partial to the next), does not evolve through the next, but is partial as the next and not at the exclusion of the previous body adjustment…not sequential but a simultaneous spontaneity that evolves beyond the organic body. (As does pre-birth and the presumption of death). We are not examining an accumulation of motion rather the substantial of more. Not a progressive amendment of motion, but in the near of a spontaneity. Currently Yoga is a wonderful evolution of process. An ideal of interruption that is influenced as a sequential linear event that assumes a totality of self. A developed completeness. But please appreciate Kara we are approaching a non-linearity (a material aura of timelessness)…transcendence. Not defined though influenced by affected displacement. Meaning an activity event that becomes the puzzle as the whole. And the acquired wholeness is not limited the human body space. As the spheroid Yoga unfolds no evolution of body contortion is left behind or consciously influenced by the next. All body formulations become one. As the spheroid event redeems material reality, organically, mindfully the body human is no longer fragmented. No longer separated. (Do not be surprised by levitations. Allowing a smiles reprieve “I” can see Kara laughingly with her gentle butterfly net trying to return several of her partner-teacher students to the preferred level). How does such a being occur? The answer to the answer: Before the Spheroid Yoga event there must be preparation. Each Yoga student partner must be DNAs Yoga compatible. The room, the Yoga mats, decorations must not only be similarly DNAs sympathetic, but evolutionary so. A symmetrical event will be occurring. Pleasantness of place and pleasantness of motion know each other. You would not want to ice skate on a summer pond.  Likely several days of preparation are involved. The participants arrived attuned. Their bodies not distracted by any activities that would defuse their DNAs Yoga (ie) sleeping pills, remnants of alcohol, divergent anxiety. The participants meditate together as one. (They share a common DNAs meditation component, once they reach their meditation ideal…evident when their DNAs sensitive wind chimes. The Cosmic Yoga begun begins. Each human begins a progression of Yoga adjustments, a conditioned melody of self, influenced by a DNAs vibratory necklace-wristband. Once attuned. Still once attuning. Kara flows others follow as followed, otherwise displacement factors. Evolving reaching beyond the breach of self (anagram fior breach…. Each be the reach)…. Each motion reveals a non-sensual sound, a melody of silence that is aware as intuition speaks and miracles are reciprocals un needing of translation. Remember music is the one experience that does not have to be altered or measured in order to be assimilated. We are reaching for the pneumatic resonance of this event. A rare occurrence. The presumption of the room joins. A Nirvana of sound motion. Sound and motion have become interchangeable. Likely one or two participants have lovingly excused themselves unable to attain. We are reaching through the idealized communal motion silence of ourselves arrive the delivery of ourselves (ie) the acquired memory of the Yoga event. A Light discernible that transcends our perception, but not our presence. We’ve become the dream that sleeps. A timeless gesture irrespective of body space irony. We are no longer involved. Because we are…. Godsoulprint conversant. Suggestive of dream or trance Yoga. We are viewing an event presence that in its fullest evolves beyond the formulary of the body as the body. Consequently a paralyzed person, a chubby man like myself or an elderly gentleman like Dr. Wisman is not excluded from the Yoga event. Though do you agree we should not assume the limitations of others or your own, accordingly linearity thrives. (A Spherical occurrence is non-directional and not limited to form therefore form status). Indeed Spheroid Yoga event evolves beyond anticipation, on occasion dramatically. Some benefits are not knowable. One returns acquired ofbyin the Light. Revisited unknowably by themselves. Perhaps with interesting stories to tell. We begin the Yoga event by identifying the genetic Yoga predisposition (all that is human has a genetic indicator) this genetic character as motion evokes a sound which coupled with the non-idealized organic evolution of self provides us with several components (1) a baseline DNAs Yoga reference point (2) a DNAs that identifies our current departure from that genetic ideal (3) the motions of body that will allow for the resolution of the second to the ideal of the first (4) a formulation through which we can measure progress  (5) Yoga compatibility between individuals clearly relevant to effort made in Yoga and ones spiritual life (^) and an evolving DNAs reference point that becomes perspective to other activities meditation, sexual union, sleep, illness communion response etcetera…this reference point is reciprocally enema- ting not localized. Remember to understand we are examining a human’s Light predisposition which alludes to the infinite and presently does not allow for perceptual activity and also as the Light does not deny any form of image expression in order to assimilate the Cosmic self presence (ie) whatever you prefer including a symmetry of variety to identify, maintain and gauge your evolution…colors, personalized images, sound melodic or otherwise, subjective imagery evident in nature, a sound or image Yoga graph whose influence and indicator is in it’s totality only evident to the individual and also of course we have the group indicator which functions as a sum measuring result upon completion or an evolving  indicator that would also serve as a Yoga guide. Finally two lovers, friends, siblings or spouses can form a Yoga symmetry. What does this mean? This means what it means…  

Indeed the aforementioned in it’s aura speaks to issues of probability, the engaging of a machine, the birthing of a child, a cancer empathy, as mentioned meditation…allowing the fewer words embrace  are availing the more of our intended selves to God. Inserts reflect on spin and span relevant to Yoga.

* Noting please with emphasis relevant beyond knowing… to the observations (ie) headaches, cancer, harmonica, linear air plane flight, language, spheroid Yoga, Meditation, inter stellar travel, Prayer, luck-coincidence etcetera the presumption of death…we are commenting on events-activity conditions once no longer casually linear (disintegrative-altering) are in the active nurturing midst of the Eternal (our origin source)…the Light (affording God’s timeless memory acquiring)…beyond our influence and presently complete valuation except as temporary fleeting effect: Truly functionally finally you are not alone.

*Relevant to linear thoughts on vibrations: When we are examining a DNAs event like securing an airport, affecting a cancer commune, garnishing a de-aging opportunity, unfolding Spheroid Yoga, enfolding a transmogrify between a student and five books, realizing a self spheroid…we are discussing a sound presence which is spherical in nature, not linear (a sound activity event that is its own response), therefore not consequent to interruption. [Another essay unfolds perhaps by your kind labor]. The question abides how are the two opposing perspectives enjoined (cancer & communion etcetera) without affecting an interruption that would negate the desired result? We are speaking to the vobration resolution of form, the willful vibration of self. The answer brings us to vibrations. The vibrations of the acquired self become relevant, possibly an external pulse vibrations that would  for example create a sensitivity between airport DNAs security and the intrusive DNAs of a weapon. The relevance of the evolved self becomes evident perhaps defining when we discuss Spheroid Yoga, meditation, intuitive conversation for reasons noted also because we become less reliant on technology and more in tuned to our relationship with the Eternal Light. Reminding that a human can evolve dramatically in an instant going from being an unhappy woman to a happy woman in the turn of a smile’s memory, going from being a punishing man to a man loving of kindness be good in one breath’s decision…this is in the nature of being a mioracle (ie) a human being.

*Acknowledging lovingly to comprehend as we move aliong each word a thank you to God…. As much in the reading as the expressing spherically one in application the same. Both as substance and method predating the materializing of the planet earth. (The wonderful mysterious lingering Eternal Light). Hence what ownerships credit not less ourselves…. What wealth less the poor not poverty itself…. Yes noting all these various method examples apply in their thoroughness to each other, otherwise displacement speaks-though the linear determinant. Meaning: The genetic to our presumed cancer can be identified and through reverse design ( engineering ) pleasantly engaged to no disadvantage to either. Presumably the near of all form dispositions like cancer are genetically predetermined in substance or capacity. We are discussing identifying and responding to a static genetics by assuming its relevant and revealing motion a status disposition previously reserved to the condition of death. We are in a sense anticipating-improving on death (ie) reversing the role of the pathologist. (All is God life form evolving and infinitely more). And through this formulation we can more clearly appreciate the informational nature of the alleged cancer or any other life-death potential activity or disposition. Particularly when through sympathetic sound we can cross-match the genetic sound origin with similar sound patterning in the developed-acquired body and with environmental cancer source or irony. (The human body no longer becomes its own  self contained-bordered limitation). Most likely relevant to the adaptive-alteration choice we make or the limited choices availed to us. Thereby providing a profound triangulation of sound affording remedy and much learning. Should not a cancer remedy in its ideal be of harmonic benefit to everyone? As mentioned including the cancer life form. Acknowledging that bacteria and virus make adaptive survival adaptations against our methods and mythology validated through alterable disintegration. We can learn much from one of our neighbors the HIV virus. About it’s profound adaptations. And accordingly as polite witnesses about ourselves. Thank you prayers to the nice and waiting friend  John for his insistence over the last two yours, in spite of my hopeful impatience, relevant to the importance of vibration within the proposed schematic evolution of form to sound. And Diana’s determined interest in levels what does this lovely artist mean? And the repeated reference to…illusions. (“I” know of only one illusion…the nice person’s body is a coffin. Can you wonder to think of others? Sometimes I don’t listen because I do, thank God literally for memory. Do you not have the sense, the interesting-mysterious feeling that people are waiting for an uncertain something? Are you waiting is your preferred term dissatisfied or unhappy, expectant is nice…. (The essay accordingly evolved, one door opens the other… We never stop learning. And this learning is called life. The anagram for “died” is…. Did I die… I did die. The question asked in time resolved in space. (Appreciating that the question is asked in the past tense after death suggesting awareness for the anagram or spherical sounding to be completed (we do its opposite in our current life) followed by the expressed smile…. The glow of the Eternal.  Are your body and soul separate? Do find this separation advantageous. Noting an anagram is a sound glimpse of the Light, which we formulate, or disguise to the disintegrative alteration of ourselves. Our sympathetic reciprocal communion with the Cosmos. Reminding our progress including spiritual has always been based on invalidation, the eventual devaluation of what once was esteemed which given our investment includes ourselves (ie) ideal as temporary. Yes including God further evidence that our relationship with God is the preferred one of self, less God and less the God esteemed of others. Do you agree this is not bad, we aspire and we know good from bad preferring good and we can only respond to what we are aware. What awareness now are you…. Is it overly ambitious or sincere to suggest…if you are repeating a sustained self definition of your Godsoulprint with God (of self evolving often as forgiveness or apology) or the material world you have begun to invalidate yourself. (Affirm your separation from your Cosmic predisposition, the Eternal Light).  Noting you are the acquired spontaneity of yourself. And as such timelessly disposed. You are the sum of your life. Not an endless series of events of which this moment is but one. Further proof of this Light inference, this spontaneity (is) that you can take the acquired spontaneity of yourself and claim the darkness or embrace the Light. You can raise the acquired weapon of yourself and terminate another or love the intruder born your sister or your brother spherically yourself. And these are not functionally linear events forgivable, eventually delegated to the past, redeemable as punished, resolved as the better lesson learned…but more so and also a Cosmic pageantry. As there is the darkness there is the Light. The tiome of now is forever. We have acquired the weapon of ourselves and the willful spiritual devaluation of ourselves to affect there use (ie) the darkness. Their presence is use. As there is no death there is extinction. “The day the music died.” Ourselves it’s beautiful playing. All dying at once what conversation death is to life, but the death of death. The concurrent spherical melody is as God intended we are called home as home we are one at a time.


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