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The following is an update acknowledging your past support. (Our last contact several years past). Clarifying, expanding the effort to the present. Our initial contact titled, “Opiate trail: Vietnam, assassinations, opiates and the nuclear triad” Recently we introduced a 15 minute you tube video. Additional efforts follow. Our initial contact with John Anderson of the Washington Post since 1983 ended abruptly. Other sources remain active. Emile de Antonio learned from a CIA functionary at the UN that the operation out of the Golden Triangle was code named “The Long Silver Train.” Acknowledging the possibility of disinformation. Previous development focused on the Golden Triangle updated to Afghanistan.

Consider with emphasis: No there is no effort nor desire to ascertain guilt or culpability in this effort. Our interest is to clarify historical events. Through paterns determine conseguence that are not necessarily otherwise apparent to most, including those who are responsible for the events. These violents by their own nature are inconsistent at time beyond comprehension. Certainly explanation. These events are actualized, witnessed and subseguently related through the dysfunction of language which in the ideal evolves through forgettting and structurally language allows for deception and self deception. Suggesting that these events occurred as related and their meaning is only as suggested becomes perhaps the most compelling distortion. Also the coneguences of these events on idviduals and community continue. Further we do not want to suggest that anyone working for the CIA or any goverenment agency of any country are inherently bad people. These are good people persuing what they perceive to be doing is essential and life sustaining. All bad is good unresolved. Yet there is violence and there are conseguence. And though we accept good is preferable to bad the anguish and havoc of bad persists. We seek the truth we hope.

A cohesion of intersecting patterns: Synopsis perspective: When a federal agency is able to bypass checks and balances associated with congressional funding the same agency can pursue independent prerogatives. We were “fighting” in Laos and Cambodia hiring thousands of 11-12 year old Laotian mercenaries, CIA's Air America providing a million dollar a day bombing sorties. Only a few Congressmen were aware of these events and the White House. Congress therefore did not provide funding. Also Senator Church and others had become more active inquiring into CIA activities. Senator Church we understand compelled the company to dispose of their extensive financial holdings. (The operational solution to the monetary constraint became opiates.) An abandoned soda bottling facility at Da Nang Air Force base was converted to a mortuary. Dead American soldiers organs were removed and pure opiates concealed in the empty stomach and chest cavity.(Fifty pounds of opiates in one KIA converts to a thousand pounds of street product). Senator Church's intelligence over site committee examined these crimes without we assume public resolution.... Coded coffins were intercepted at Dover and Andrews AFB by CIA morticians. The senior editor at JF Blair Publishers in Winston Salem provided us with public documentation relating that in the 1970's seven-eight US Air Force Sargent were arrested in Winston Salem bringing in coffins full of heroin. Media dubbed the effort. “Dead man's dope.” Disposition of trial is unclear? Also a Nam marine we spoke with offered the company owns mortuaries over seas and “uses” deceased tourist similarly. We have no corroboration on this. Noting: Prior to America's” invasion” 7% of street opiates came from Afghanistan, after US established military control including sophisticated surveillance heroin sales in America from Afghanistan increased to 60%. Microsoft sales last year were 57 billion, drug sales world wide approximately 670 billion. A partner back east relates that heroin use has increased appreciably specially amongst women. Applications to the methadone clinic at the West Haven VA hospital have increased by 20%. Consider developed countries without pharmaceutical drugs and opiates. The same population without opiates and pharmaceuticals after a nuclear war. (The opiate culture as other than determinant criminality will become more clear).

We should explain over years we've made no effort to ascertain guilt. "You can't have an enemy without being one." We are interested in the consequence evidenced suggested in coherent patterns. Interestingly on numerous occasions we shared 4-5 pages of non-linear information, folks would respond-indicating they already knew what had just been read. When asked half an hour or several days later what had

Been read that was already known to them. They could not recollect a single fact. It would appear that folks “gather” information through the linear increment of word, store the information as a non-linear spasm of information-when obliged express a memory the process reverts linear language. When the information is offered as a non-linear condition affect it appears folks remember by forgetting. Possibly we inadvertently arrived at an effective “security” devise whereby historical data and acquired information could be collected and deciphered. An undercurrent of history. The process it seemed became self editing. Acknowledging our inclusive motivation. All this information over the years has been made available to OSI at OFFutt AFB in nearby Bellevue, Nebraska. Strategic Air Command. Home of looking glass. of special investigation. Our effort is not exclusionary. Relevant to a nuclear holocaust... to whom do we surrender if we are the enemy.

We continue intersecting assimilating patterns: President Kennedy was considering ending the war in Vietnam. Also after the Bay of Pigs JFK weighed transferring intelligence gathering from the CIA to the military. After President Kennedy's murder the Vietnam war continued for 12 years. Five years later Robert Kennedy is murdered, the war continues for five more years. Senator Kennedy was seeking nomination for Presidency while opposing war in Vietnam. Robert Kennedy's primary win in California likely assured the nomination. All other remaining candidates on either party supported the war in Vietnam. All assassinations and assassination attempts assured the war in Vietnam would have the support of the presidency, governor Wallace withdraw ofter being shot strengthened candidate Nixon's positing on the south. Senator McGovern, after his vice presidential candidate dropped out of the race-never seriously contended. Several weeks weeks prior to Senator Robert Kennedy's murder Reverend King was killed. One hundred and thirty cities rioted. Ghetto residents had resources from looting with which to purchase opiates. Covert activities, increased need for financing and secrecy followed the Tet Offensive. Anxiety over the involvement of China and Russia increased. The murders of Senator Kennedy and Reverend King and the riots dramatically shifted attention from the continuing Tet debacle “intersect” to America.... During the five-six month Tet Offensive initially many American positions were over run, the American embassy in Saigon was lost to Vietcong insurgents. Walter Cronkite announces to American public, “I thought we were winning the war.” American middle class begins to turn against war. Media became more critical. Subsequent events will shift focus.

Amidst the revealing “intersect” assassinations, Tet, the riots, the 1968 Chicago democratic convention protests military began to convert abandoned military bases into detention centers anticipating worsening riots. Concerns about revolution were expressed. Consider in this chaotic context opiates become a sinister form of social engineering. (Is it conceivable there was no awareness on this affect). The disadvantaged who had shown a willingness to riot nationwide and might have sustained a “revolution” many were addicted, otherwise involved in the drug trade. More than million were in prison or on restrictive parole most for low level drug offensives. Campus and middle class culture was also influenced by drugs. Remembering the 60's: Draft protests, campus unrest “riots”, civil rights movement, weather under ground bombings, black panthers, women rights movement, Warren Commission. All countered against the motivation of the hippie movement. Abbie Hoffman, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Jimmie Hendrix, Woodstock.... The Vietnam war, Laos, Cambodia. President Johnson. Richard Nixon. Spiro Agnew. Senator McGovern.Water gate. Malcolm X, the Diem brothers also murdered. Three attempts on President Ford. And yourself friend, enemy soldier alike, tax payer victim, planetary citizen and thosae unborn who would inherit the dark shaows of this despair. And the hope. And the responsibility. We are anuclear family.

Again throughout this effort we have made no effort to ascertain guilt individually or institutionally. Determining quilt begins and perpetuates an exclusionary oppositional process. Conventionnally developing the effort beyond consequential pattern invites futility. And risk. Though clearly this is a human reality born from choice. And the disregard of choice. It is conceivable indeed likely that no individual or individuals pursued “instigated” these or most of these events to a commonly desired “suggested” purpose. But the patterned- interpreted historical results remain the same well within the limits of certitude. There is no statute of limitations on truth, denied or otherwise. While acknowledging its evolving disposition. Subjectively motivated events resulting in patterns become objectively apparent when no effort is made to justify one oppositional perspective over another.

Developing linear casual information is not without value, but at a certain juncture futility defines, even language appears to become deficient, mechanized, prone to jargon, substance displaced to sound bite. Oblique to its ideal. And these limitations structurally evident as ambiguous motive are influenced, not always knowingly by deception or self deception. Example: John Anderson at the Washington post, the editorial writer not the reporter-produced a documentary identifying the individuals who died in an unexpected seemingly “violently” that were involved in activities or events related to President Kennedy's assassination. An actuarial company in London England determined the probability that the number of individuals who died in a similar like manner associated with one event were a million to one. Accepting the accuracy of the documentary and the probability study...why was their a violently sustained effort to conceal or perpetuate the fact that the man who killed Kennedy was arrested on the same day the Presidents was killed. (At what level of bureaucracy could these events of been authorized and implemented). It would seem there are instances even in the ideal when a question loses value intent as the answer. Thousands of books, documentaries, movies, investigations and millions of classified document give credence more to futility than thoroughness.

Immediate prerogatives: How many police officers, FBI agents, DEA agents were killed or injured while responding to criminal activities resultant from drugs being brought into this country by a tax subsidized Federal employees. How many citizens and residents over dosed on drugs brought to this country by their government. How many men, women and children were arrested, convicted and imprisoned by the law enforcement community that might have sold them the drugs. Babies born drug addicted. Many private citizens and residents were killed, injured-lost property as a result of condoned criminality. How will family, friends, veterans, the public react to additional evidence proving that soldiers killed in action were violated. Tragically the drug trade has global and localized consequences. As many Mexican citizens have been killed in the last decade as American's who were killed during the Vietnam war. The violence is also manifest as fear, corruption and the losst of spiritual-material resources. According to one source on NPR radio only five percent of drug murders are investigated in Mexico.

One third of soldier in Vietnam had security clearances. War and the events leading to war have become more guarded, less media access, greater involvement of the private sector beyond profit motivation. Maximizing the need for secrecy and disinformation. Exacerbating contrived-coerced burdens on language. Also it's difficult responding to a global nuclear event for which(except for the tragedy o9f Hiroshima and Nagasaki) there is no historical reference. Reacting to what we acknowledge by denying. Nuclear war being a planetary event that we have no cultural-environmental reference. A global event which once occur rent impairs witness. Allowing a brief departure the United Nation's charter never to my knowledge considered a corps of journalist who are not culturally distracted in their appreciation of truth.

The operating model for a winnable nuclear war argues that the country that is able to peruse conventional military options and rebuild essential infrastructure has won the 3rd World War. Note there were three nuclear war red alerts high death com associated with the Vietnam war. Several accidental strike events that were “interrupted.” Acknowledging miniaturization technology. Battle field usage: Presently a grape fruit size device can be fired from a shoulder howitzer that will yield a hirosh9ima level detonation. First atomic bombs weighed 4500 pounds. Question: How do you compel selected American to assist in rebuilding LAX, JFK, Eppley, portions of inter state 80, communications, disposing of billions of decaying corpses. Human and other species. Their are tons of lye stock piled in this country. Note 800 roentgens of radio activity kill most warn blooded animals, several thousand wont kill most insects. Most insect population growth respond to food source shifts? But after a nuclear holocaust event culture identity, life and death will undergo profound debilitating displacement. Science and technology become inadequate to human need. How will trust, language, family, religion. identity be affected. And the human need to mourn? Those who will conduct a nuclear war it is assumed will be it's likely survivors. The significant number of individuals who prepare, profit- plan and will conduct a nuclear war give immediacy and increased probability to a planetary holocaust. A catastrophic occurrence being tax subsidized by the labor of its victims. We are being asked to accept the purpose and consequence of nuclear war on faith. Extinction as process offered as deterrence to extinction. Does our species's acquired karmic debt... devolve. Possibly at a certain juncture beyond our collective ability to respond even before the event itself. Are accidents involving nuclear weapons and weapons systems influenced

by this karmic dynamic. Indeed vast resources of spirit, material and human intent are devoted daily to our extinction. How does this affect our individual and collective awareness. The suggestion that hydrogen bomb has been its own deterrent does not acknowledge the resources of spirit, material, intent and anticipation that have been and continue to be exhausted in the furtherance of a global holocaust.

A central perspective. Once again with clarifying emphasis: The consistent operating model for a winnable nuclear war has been,”the country that is able to sustain a conventional military option, rebuild, maintain public order will “win” the 3rd World War. What options does a Marshall law government have to control and influence a dispirited work force. Compel individuals to work in a radiated environment. Currently the ideal treatment for the pain associated with radiation poisoning is an opiate patch. Is one of the behavioral modifier,”Pick up the shovel or give up the patch.” The shovel or the slide ruler. What other resource “value” might opiates have after a nuclear exaggeration and distortion of current abuse.

The nuclear triad is a mechanized system designed, maintained and secured through human imperfection in an insecure world. Eric Schlosser in his book “Command and Control” quotes Charles Perrow's text “Normal Accidents” observing , “....the complex system is a process that can not be readily modified or turned off, accidents are normal... these accidents don't lend themselves to satisfying postmortems since it is often difficult to explain at what stage in the cascade of bad events..that “disaster” becomes irreversible.” (Miss-sent messages are a serious problem in all bureaucracies). Prior and during the Cuban Missile Crisis messages to Moscow from the Russian Ambassador in Washington were written by hand and delivered to the Western Union office by bicycle. Only after this crisis was a telephone link set up between the major powers. A study by Sandia Laboratories that oversees the security and production of nuclear weapon systems-determined that between 1950 and 1968 there had between at least 1200 “significant accidents” involving nuclear weapons. This terrifying dynamic does not factor accidents and miscalculations involving the Soviet Union. And the “many” other countries that now have nuclear weapons. (Error's and accidents involve miss-sent messages, miscalculation, computer and human error). Objects often fall into silo's. In 1980 in Arkansas a nineteen year old airman dropped a socket while performing routine maintenance, the armed Titan 11 missile became “a time bomb” resulting in an oxidizer air pressure leak. If the remaining oxidizer had come onto contact with the rocket fuel the missile would have exploded. A single Titan 11 missile has three times the force of all the bombs dropped during World War 11 including Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If the Titan 11 had detonated duri9ng the accident the State of Arkansas would have been wiped out. Millions would have suffered internal and external radiation death and injury. Arkansas would not have been habitable for decades. During cold war a B-47 carrying an armed with a Mark 36 hydrogen bomb caught fire in Morocco, six weeks later a Mark 6 landed in a back yard in Mars Bluffs South Carolina when a crewman mistakenly pulled the manual-bomb release lever. The explosives detonated, but the nuclear core had not been inserted. 3Ci Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence often only has has an uncertain and potentially chaotic few minutes to correct a human, computer error, an accident or miss-sent message before the event becomes irreversible.

Final reference patterns. After discharge of missile likely up to six months of nuclear winter, not factoring contaminated crops, soil “stock piles” become determinant. Food stuffs, water, medicines, limited medical equipment, insecticides, lye. And opiates. Pattern perspectives in development: Where massive underground storage and living facilitates constructed and maintained on the backs of the oppressed through the opiate trade, thereby maximizing security and not straining the economy. Imposing a macabre adaptation on the history of slavery. Would economists agree that the opiate trade actually assisted economy and social security. Drug crime polarizes different social groups and legitimize institutions. The relevance of social engineering noted. An economic stimulant? Poor steal from well to do, these loses are covered by internationally diversified insurance companies. Lost products are repurchased, stolen materials are reprocessed through pawn shops-further validating the corporate structure without culpability

Allowing an opportunity to resolve pessimism to a preferred contentment. Hopelessness can become it's own self motivating context. Often we appear to create the burdens we resist by carrying. Yet human beings know good from bad and prefer good. Our efforts know the better of our anticipation. Often we create the need for our own prayers. Yet we pray. We love our children the better of ourselves. Witnessing the

bold knowing of the better life intended daily there are events that speak the better hope we trust. The nuclear freeze moment in 1981, Reverend Sato a Buddhist from Hiroshima and others marched across America urging a freeze of nuclear weapons. Congress was one vote short of enacting that policy. Dissidents like the Plowshare 8 "broke" into a General Electric plant in Pennsylvania, a nun, two Yale divinity students, a professor, a former marine, others were arrested while praying over a multiple re-entry adaptation that would allow one ICBM to deliver 8-9 nuclear war heads to guided targets. Though American media rarely reported these events, still Emile De Antonio wrote and directed a documentary, 60 minutes devoted on segment to these protests, the Buddhists always in attendance at their trials providing a spiritual nexus to intent. Those who drafted themselves to action knew their worthiness encouraging fraternity. Our dread compels action. And continued prayer. We are each the choice of ourselves.


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